tks; company was established in 2009 to produce terminals, end splices, plastic connectors, insulation housings and inserts.

We have started to widened our products range and stated to produce CABLE TIES on 3rd quarter of 2019.

We have been going on our automation Works continuously and raised the quality of products by maintaining their continuity. We provide to our costumers competitive prices advantage. We make metal and plastic design and moulds according to our customers requests.

Caring about the modern management techniques, quality service and the customer relations, our company is serving you with their expert staff by having wide product range and distribution network by producing terminals, connectors (housings), cable ties and plug insert.




• Quality products , reasonable price,

• Unconditional customer satisfaction ,

• Timely delivery ,

• Continuous innovation 


By making international market researches, we have been exporting our products to USA, China, Colombia, Chile, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Serbia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Algeria, Lebanon and Egypt. We have been exporting 40% of our production to abroad.